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VAV Controls(Flow Feedback)



Display the following parameters: face velocity, sash high, operating mode, operating status, etc.

Sash overhigh alarm, low face velocity alarm,air failure alarm, emergency, standby and other functions.

The system responds very quickly in 1 second and stabilizes to the setpoint in 2.5 seconds.

The unique pressure extraction method using Venturi principle, greatly improves the measurement and control accuracy.

The damper has excellent fire performance, and the fire prevention rating has reached UL94-V0  and national standard GB8624-B1.

Withstands high concentrations of acid and alkali corrosion at a pH range of 1 to 14 over a wide temperature range.

Stable and reliable system software, free updates and upgrades.

Equipped with a free open communication protocol to achieve a free and seamless accessing to BMS system.

Applicable to all types of physics, chemistry and biology laboratories.


Standard configuration:

5 inch touch screen;

Vertical sash sensor;

Flow feedback VAV damper;

Power module.


Presence sensor (see sensors for details);

Temperature and humidity sensor for fume hood (see the sensors for details);

Auto sash management system (see ASMS for details).