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Company Introduction

Shanghai Isong is a professional company dedicated to providing overall laboratory solutions, forward-looking design solutions, stable performance products, efficient installation, and long-term worry-free after-sales maintenance for laboratories. As a high-tech enterprise, Isong has obtained more than 30 patents and software copyrights. Isong's products include laboratory VAV controls, fume hoods and laboratory furniture, laboratory exhaust treatment equipment, safe storage products, BMS system, negative pressure isolation products, energy Recycling system products, etc. Since establishment, Isong has always insisted on creating a "safe, comfortable, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and intelligent" environment for global scientific research institutions. "Proficient in technology and specialized in industry" has long been Isong’s industry label.


Business Scope:

Overall Laboratory Planning, Design, Consulting

EPC for Laboratory Engineering

Laboratory Products (Fume Hood, VAV Controls, Exhaust Treatment, etc.)

Products for Negative Pressure Isolation

HVAC System and Fume Hood on-site Test

Upgrade and Reconstruction of Laboratory HVAC and Control System

Laboratory Maintenance